As an integrated part of the process of photographic creation, Wetouch is, above all a tool at the service of the photographer, the art director and advertisers.

Since the company was established in the autumn of 2005, Wetouch has been known for their retouchers with specialised talents in the treatment of images dedicated to luxury, fashion and to beauty.

The staff has through their work with various clients gathered a specialized knowledge base which will guarantee the quality of the production, advising clients from the point of photography and lighting, until the final stages of printing.

Though physically situated in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Oslo, Norway.

Wetouch serves clients worldwide.


IBAN#: DK7220006882332231
ACCOUNT NO.: 6882-332-231
VAT/CVR NUMBER: 29 14 12 07


IBAN#: NO1460190547070
ACCOUNT NO.: 60190547070
ORG NR. 914836867 MVA

The following annul all previous delivery arrangements on the part of Wetouch: late delivery of original material (film or digital files), additions and/or changes on the part of the client. This will result in a new delivery- and price agreement between client and Wetouch.

In case of late deliveries on the part of the client, delivery on the part of Wetouch will be delayed by at least the amount of time elapsed from arranged delivery time on the part of the client, to the time the client has delivered all necessary or arranged materials. If deadline cannot be pushed, Wetouch can not guarantee to be able to handle the job.

Extra costs caused by material demanding more work than originally could have been foreseen by Wetouch at the time of price arrangement, extra time will be debited after the fact. Wetouch is obligated only to two rounds of corrections by the client.

The client will appoint one liaison that will handle all contact with Wetouch regarding corrections. For the sake of corrections, Wetouch will provide client with material either in the form of low resolution files or prints, depending on prior arrangement between the parts. The client will supply a list of all corrections to clothing (such as change of colour, lengthening of sleeves, straightening out of creases etc.) before work starts. Extra costs caused by corrections not pointed out by the time of delivery will be debited after the fact.

Force majeure and unforeseeable events, such as a strike, fire, floods, or mechanical failure frees Wetouch of all responsibility of non fulfillment of delivery arrangements. Orders cancelled because of delays caused by force majeure or late delivery on the part of the client, must be paid in full by client, as arranged. Damages on the part of Wetouch caused by late delivery on the part of Wetouch, or defective material delivered, or other breeches in arrangement on the part of Wetouch can never exceed the arranged price of the job. Wetouch does not take on any responsibilty for production or production times, is not responsible for any loss, direct or indirect caused by late or faulty material delivered by Wetouch.

The client is responsible for upholding copyright laws as regard to delivered material, and takes full responsibility for the legality of delivered material.